Secure in Christ: Soul Rest is Possible

GUEST POST: Glynnis Whitwer

Today I welcome my friend and Proverbs 31 Ministries author, Glynnis Whitwer, to share from her new book, Doing Busy Better. Glynnis is also giving away a copy of Doing Busy Better to one of my readers. Plus, she has free downloads for all of you! Here’s Glynnis:

soul rest

I’ve struggled with the biblical definition of God’s gift of rest for years.

Rest can feel elusive. That which should make us feel rested often doesn’t. Consider waking up after a restless night and your first thought being how early you can go back to bed.

Propping your feet on the coffee table after a long day of work, and turning on a recorded episode of Fixer Upper should make you feel rested. But all it does is make you wish you had an urban country industrial farmhouse. Dissatisfaction taps on your heart and the restlessness begins again.

Jesus spoke these words that whisper hope to every one of us worn down by the demands of life:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:29-30)

Jesus invites us to come to Him, for the source of what feels elusive: soul rest.

Soul rest is deeper than any other kind of rest I’ve experienced. It’s not circumstantial, nor does it need to be renewed. Rather, soul rest has its roots in something unshakable. It is rooted in faith and confidence that we are deeply and unconditionally loved, and are held safe in the arms of our heavenly Father.

Soul rest and trust go hand in hand. Trust is such an easy word to voice, but a harder word to live. I know that. And I don’t want to spout easy Christian advice knowing you’ve heard it a thousand times. Instead, I want to share from my heart what has helped me find soul rest. And that’s identifying my source of security.

soul rest

The opposite of security is insecurity, and insecurity makes us desperate. Have you ever hiked a mountain, only to slip on a steep slope? In that moment of falling, your mind will panic and you’ll grab for anything that seems secure. As soon as you grasp a rock, you relax.

In that moment, security replaces panic with peace.

What makes something secure? It’s when it’s attached to something immovable.

For example, if I’m camping and secure the tent to the metal tent poles, and the tent poles are secure in the immovable ground, the tent won’t fly away at the first gust of wind.

But when something isn’t secured to an immovable object, there’s always the chance of damage when it faces opposition. If I pound tent stakes into sand, and a storm arises, sleep will not be possible. Instead I’ll spend my time worrying about the tent flying away, or I’ll be up moving it to solid ground.

Insecurity in our lives can be much like this. Our souls long for security, to be grounded in that which will not move. When we aren’t grounded, we subconsciously know our foundation is insecure and changing, which causes us to worry and work harder in a vicious cycle. Rest will seem impossible in this state.

But what a difference it makes when we secure the truth about ourselves to the immovable truth of God. That truth can’t be shaken by circumstances because God can’t be shaken.

As I’ve pondered this idea, I’ve identified several places where I’ve attached what I believe to something shifting. Three areas specifically: my safety, my future and my identity.

I thought I was safe if my circumstances were safe. False. I thought my future was secure if my job and finances were in order. False. And I thought my identity was solid when I was “performing” well. False again.

As I’ve learned to reassign trust away from untrustworthy things, I experienced soul rest for the first time.

I realize this world isn’t trustworthy, but God is. And although life won’t be perfect until we reach heaven, we can’t let our souls rise and fall on the insecurity of life.

God can be trusted. This is the message that will free each of us to experience the abundant life Jesus offered. Not abundant with work, but overflowing with love, and filled with the true soul rest we long for.

soul rest

And when we truly trust God, our striving will fall away and soul rest will take its place.

Comment below and share how you enjoy the gift of God’s rest in your life. One random winner will be chosen to win a copy of Doing Busy Better and will notified by email (U.S. addresses only please).

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soul restGlynnis Whitwer is Executive Director of Communications for Proverbs 31 Ministries, and contributor to their Encouragement for Today devotional, reaching over a million women each day. She’s the author of nine other books, including Taming the To-Do List and I Used to Be So Organized. She and her husband, Tod, live in Arizona and have five young-adult children. Connect with Glynnis at where she encourages women to live with margin and room to breathe while still getting things done.

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25 thoughts on “Secure in Christ: Soul Rest is Possible

  1. Glynnis, you’ve nailed it with this blog posting. The rest for our souls comes only when we are securely tethered to the Rock that is higher than I, the anchor for our souls. Where this gets dicey is when we succumb to the temptation to equate church/the body of Christ with Christ. We have to understand that church will let us down. Just bank on it. When we are tying our peace and soul rest to family or body, we become disillusioned and disheartened. We even tend to blame God when it was not God at all that let us down. We had misplaced trust. Church is a wonderful thing, and I value those relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ, but that is now where my hope and trust lie. God alone is my refuge and strength – my ever-present help in time of trouble.

  2. This is exactly what I needed tonight as I am spinning my wheels of not good enough. I HAVE a copy of this book…on a shelf….where it is doing me so.much.good. 😂 Time to pick it up.

    • That happens to me all the time, Dawn, this bookworm easily forgets what’s on her reading list. You will love Glynnis’ book and she’s also hosting a 5-day Facebook challenge the week of 9/18 to help us find the balance between work and rest. 🙂 I hope you will join us!
      Kim Stewart
      Glynnis Whitwer Ministry Team

  3. Learning when to say no to people! I’ve let people use me so to speak so they would like me basically & knowing that Jesus love me no matter what they think is all I need as long as I am doing his will for my life!

  4. Glynnis, thank you for putting words to thoughts spinning around my brain. The definition of insecurity being attached to something movable vs security being attached to God was clarifying. I’ve recently been struggling with the idea of dangerous safety – knowing God is my solid rock but being scared of what all is not guaranteed. I enjoy God’s gift of rest in my life when I reread past journals and remember His faithfulness to me.

  5. Looking forward to reading this book. Would love to choose it for our book club. One of the ways I enjoy gods rest is discussing and sharing great godly wisdom along with praying with my sisters in Christ

  6. I love the following: “But what a difference it makes when we secure the truth about ourselves to the immovable truth of God. That truth can’t be shaken by circumstances because God can’t be shaken.” I enjoy the gift of God’s rest in my life when observing the beauty of all creation, reading His Word and listening to Christian music. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of Doing Busy Better by Glynnis Whitwer.

  7. I truly needed this reminder. “We cannot let our souls rise and fall on the insecurities of life”. Amen. Too many times my focus is based on distractions and deep within I’m crying out for soul rest. Beautiful.

  8. So grateful for this on an early Wednesday morning during my quiet time. I am presently searching for PEACE and your words remind me that it is here in front on me, grab on and let go. Thank you!

  9. Beautiful post and needed reminder. Rest comes as we remind ourselves to trust God, releasing our circumstances into His perfect care. Grateful to have read this post this morning. Adding this one to my “to read” list.

  10. One of the things that brings rest to my soul is confessing my gratitude to the Lord for the gifts he has given me, especially the things I tend to take for granted.

  11. I started following Proverbs 31 ministries after hearing a short message from Lisa T in 2008 when I stumbled across a klove station while traveling to see my mom. Many years later and life struggles such as many of us face, I am still here with my new Jesus loving friends leading and guiding and sharing. I’ve rad Michelle’s story of faith many times as well. I would like to delve into the book and also share it with my adult daughters. I’m in a new season as a wife to an awesome and fun filled man, who looks picture perfect. Yet he is suffering from a very aggressive cancer. I’m ready to rest in God’s secure love.

  12. The last several years have been challenging for me experiencing my own health issues coupled with the health issues of both of my parents and losing my dad this year. My childhood faith and the intersection of “life as it is” crossed many times, but in these recent years is more real. As a child, I memorized the verse in Matthew as well as 1 Peter 5:7. In these recent years, the reality of the promise of these life giving words has become real/applicable. I am learning daily and through each circumstance and decision I am required to make, to claim these promises. I visualized casting my cares on Him – as in casting a fishing line into the water and waiting. Casting the unknown, a decision that had to made, a circumstance that needed an answer sooner than later – all casted to Jesus. Jesus, who bids me to cast my burdens on Him. Burdens that I think are small, minute – that He really shouldn’t concern Himself with since there are so many others who have more pressing issues than me. He wants those burdens because they affect me. ALL my burdens. This is hard. This requires honesty on my part. Jesus reminds us to pray without ceasing. To daily come to Him. To commune with Him. To rest in Him. Rest in the assurance of His Words. Rest in the security of knowing that He is the Creator of the Universe, yet is fully aware of my circumstances no matter how trite. The mystery of this relationship is fascinating, yet simple and so very exciting.

  13. First thank you for letting me be here……… God my precious one. Oh how great thou art !!!! He is my strength in all my ways. He leads me and shows me that he will never leave me or forsake me. He has shown me no matter what the situations are to hold on strong for I am waiting on the Lord.

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