Suffering & God’s Sovereignty

{A Video Interview with Insight For Living}

Without a doubt, suffering is inescapable. In the Bible, Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.” (John 16:33). It doesn’t take many years to discover his words were, in fact, true. However, when hit with unexpected, inexplicable suffering, the struggle to make sense of it is enormous. The vast majority of the time it doesn’t make sense. […]


For the Love of Something Sweet

Her name was Alexis. A sweet young thing, she couldn’t have been more than twenty-four years old. Old enough to be opening the store on a Sunday morning, but young enough I could easily be her mother. Let’s not go there. Moments before, my friend, Cheri, and I had walked into Alexis’ donut shop in downtown San […]

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A Manifesto

You remember the movie Jerry McGuire, yes? Tom Cruise. Cuba Gooding Jr.. “Show me the money!” Jerry’s problems started with a surge of late night inspiration, followed by a passionate drafting of an all-office memo. The next morning, he distributed his revelation. By the end of the week, his world turned upside down. Call this my […]

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In the late 1940’s, on a train from Illinois to Texas, a preacher named A. W. Tozer penned words burning in his heart. Throughout the night he wrote, and by the time he’d arrived at his destination the next day, the rough draft of a book was done. In it, he said the following: Every age has its […]