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When Clichés Don’t Cut it Anymore

The Incomparable Gift of Imperfect You

Her question interrupted a perfect evening with the face-slap of reality: "Why do you talk funny?" The blow nearly knocked me over, right there on the cold pavement of a downtown sidewalk. I blinked, stunned. She didn't mean to offend, of course. She was only four...

Self-Esteem, Insecurity and a World Desperate for Significance

It's been more than six years since my insecure self first opened a Word document and typed the words "I Am ..." What followed was very little typing, and a whole lot of staring at the screen: I am ... The cursor blinked while I waited for inspiration. Clearly, the...

Fashion Issues, Girl Drama & the Longing To Be Beautiful

She stomped and stewed all the way to the bus stop. And shed a few tears too, no doubt. She was frustrated, which made my littlest fireball madder than a hornet. She can’t stand it when life doesn’t go her way. And this particular morning, much to her devastation, she...

The One Resolution You Need More than All The Others

He bounced into the kitchen with a double dose of his usual enthusiasm and optimism. Good heavens. It was far too early for both. Guess what, Mom!  I couldn't imagine. His head still sported some impressive bedhead. Seriously impressive. You decided to forego personal...

How Boundaries With my Son Overwhelmed Me

[guestpost]We're now just three short weeks from the release of I Am: A 60-day Journey to Knowing Who You Are Because of Who He Is. Things are ramping up here, and boy, do we have some amazing surprises for you! In the meantime, I'm thrilled to be able to introduce...

FREE Resources to Help You Thrive In Your New Year

Happy (almost) New Year, friends! We're now just three days away from kicking 2016 to the curb and welcoming 2017. Maybe, like me, you're feeling a strange mixture anticipation and hesitation about what's ahead. So many unknowns, and with "unknowns" comes a sense of...

For Those Who Wonder If They’re Enough {VIDEO + FREE Invitation}

Do you ever struggle with feeling good about yourself? Come on now. Tell the truth. No need to appear more confident than you really are. Maybe the source of your dissatisfaction is your appearance or a hard relationship. Or perhaps a struggling career or dwindling...

Who Will Fill Your Empty?

Four days filled me up to overflowing. I thought I would burst from the happiness of it. We do this once a year, these friends of mine and I. We find a place to gather, block off time (which is often far more difficult than it should be), buy plane tickets, secure...

Saving Yourself from the Identity Spiral

Shock. That's the only word to describe what I felt when I learned what my child had done. I couldn't believe it, couldn't wrap my mind around the truth. Surely not. There must be a mistake. Only there wasn’t. The buffer of shock wore off and reality hit. I cried, of...

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