4 Steps to Defeating Self-Doubt

The criticism waited for me when I woke up. I didn’t recognize the email address, but I recognized the tone. The sender intended to shame, deliver self-doubt and put me in my place. I read the message, carefully, more than once. I tried to understand her point of view, take into consideration the possible heart behind her […]

Finding the Courage to Live Broken

It was a movie of fragments. Broken pieces, not neat-and-tidy characters and happily-ever-after storylines. It was a hard movie to watch, I admit. A movie that made movie-goers uncomfortable. I loved it. The movie? Manchester By The Sea. It’s a story of Lee Chandler, a hard-working handyman, and his sixteen-year-old nephew, Patrick. Two young men separated by a generation and […]

Shutting Off Worry To Finally Sleep

Guest Post by Author Kelly Balarie

My mind raced 100-miles an hour. All I could think as I laid, dead weight on my bed, was what I should have done differently the past 24 hours. That – and everything bound to go wrong come tomorrow. It’s no wonder I couldn’t fall asleep. I replayed my actions, my inactions and every infraction, […]


FREE Resources to Help You Thrive In Your New Year

Happy (almost) New Year, friends! We’re now just three days away from kicking 2016 to the curb and welcoming 2017. Maybe, like me, you’re feeling a strange mixture anticipation and hesitation about what’s ahead. So many unknowns, and with “unknowns” comes a sense of apprehension and loss of control. I get it, and I happen to hate […]