FREE Resources to Help You Thrive In Your New Year

Happy (almost) New Year, friends! We’re now just three days away from kicking 2016 to the curb and welcoming 2017. Maybe, like me, you’re feeling a strange mixture anticipation and hesitation about what’s ahead. So many unknowns, and with “unknowns” comes a sense of apprehension and loss of control. I get it, and I happen to hate […]

When It Seems The Whole World Is At Stake

Whew. It’s a big week. It seems the world holds its collective breath while watching the United States of America. I’ve seen 12 presidential election cycles in my lifetime, most of which I remember. But none seemed to carried the weight and implications of this one. The tension is palpable. The anxiety rising. I see […]

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A Courage That No One Sees

It was the first news story I saw when I woke up Monday morning: Country Star Randy Travis Stuns Crowd by—Singing. I’m not exactly sure why the headline caught my eye, buried as it was by election sewage.  Also? I’m not a country music fan. Of course, most of us know the genius that is Randy Travis. […]

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Some problems can’t be tackled by trying harder, but by trying less. I thought three grade-schoolers who loved to swim would know how to float. They’re fish, I tell you. Whenever a body of water is within reach—a lake, a swimming pool, a bathtub—they’re ripping off clothes and cannonballing in. For a week they’d been swimming in Mimi’s pool. By 10 […]

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In Defense of Human Dignity

I saw her petite profile in the mirror while my hair stylist worked magic on my hair. She wore a gray crown of thinning glory, skin weathered by time, and a perfect taupe handbag clutched neatly in her lap. While her stylist enhanced her gray in a chair right behind me, mine tried to cover mine […]

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