When It Seems The Whole World Is At Stake

Whew. It’s a big week. It seems the world holds its collective breath while watching the United States of America. I’ve seen 12 presidential election cycles in my lifetime, most of which I remember. But none seemed to carried the weight and implications of this one. The tension is palpable. The anxiety rising. I see […]

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Some problems can’t be tackled by trying harder, but by trying less. I thought three grade-schoolers who loved to swim would know how to float. They’re fish, I tell you. Whenever a body of water is within reach—a lake, a swimming pool, a bathtub—they’re ripping off clothes and cannonballing in. For a week they’d been swimming in Mimi’s pool. By 10 […]

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ANNOUNCING: The Inspired Life Mastermind

People often ask me how I ended up a writer, speaker and consultant. Good question. Simple answer: By accident. I started out a missions major at a small Christian college at 18. Somewhere in the first three semesters, I knew I needed some kind of professional skill to serve overseas. So I transferred to a state university where […]