Communicator Academy Podcast

The Communicator Academy Podcast is for those who love God and want to share His story through writing, speaking, social media – and yes – even marketing. Hosts Kathi Lipp and Michele Cushatt are both “communication nerds” who love talking about God’s message and how to share it better. Their refreshing and honest take on the “industry” do’s and don’ts as well as insight on what makes you stand out from the rest, will not only entertain, but will serve in helping you propel your career to the next level. If you are looking to clarify your calling, you will want to hang out with these two.

Learn from their years of communicating (as well as the mistakes they’ve made along the ways,) and be inspired to get out there and create. Welcome to the podcast!


Episode #41: Kick Start Your Speaking Career

Episode #40: A Podcast on a Podcast, PART 2

Episode #39: A Podcast on a Podcast PART 1

Episode #38: How to Write a Blog Post Fast

Episode #37: Co-Writing and Collaboration Without Committing Murder

Episode #36: Best Places to Get Blog Post Ideas

Episode #35: Anyone Can Be Master of Creativity with Bob Stromberg Part 2

Episode #34: Anyone Can Be Master of Creativity with Bob Stromberg

Episode #33: The Desperate Platform-Builders Guide to Getting Noticed

Episode #32: Put Together a Presentation in a Fraction of the Time

Episode #31: Our Favorite Books On Writing

Episode #30: A Step by Step Step Guide to Self Publishing with Mary DeMuth

Episode #29 When to Write a Memoir

Episode #28- Insider Tips on Having a Successful Book Launch

Episode #27: Sharing the Bad of One’s Life to Show the Goodness of God

Episode #26: Facebook Live: What, Why and How to Make it Work for You

Podcast Episode #25: How to Handle the Waiting

Episode #24 To Self-publish or Not to Self-Publish

Episode #23 How to Get Out of Overwhelmed as a Communicator

Episode #22 The Struggle of Identity

Episode #21: Ministering in the Midst of Mess with Jill Savage

Eps #20 Graphics for the Non-Graphic-y with Nicki Koziarz

Episode #19: Creating a Team When You Can’t Afford One (Part 2)

Episode #18: Creating a Team When You Can’t Afford One

Eps #17 How to Avoid Overwhelmed in your Ministry

Eps #16 How To Discover What Your Audience Needs Part 2

Episode #15: How To Discover What Your Audience Needs

Episode #14: I Want to Be a Writer, Where on Earth Do I Start

Episode #13: When to Self Publish

Podcast Eps #12: Developing a Writing Rhythm

Episode #11: The Secrets of A Strong Opening

Podcast Episode #10: How Not to Drive an Event Planner Crazy with Amy Carroll

Podcast Episode #09: To Wait or to Write

Podcast Episode #08- The Art of Writing Memoir

Episode #07: Marketing Self Promotion vs. Developing a Passion-fueled Platform

Episode #06: Dressing for the Platform

Episode #05: Learning to Lead Yourself

Podcast Episode #04: Facebook Fatigue with Guest Laura Christianson

Podcast Episode #03: Combat Self-Doubt, Criticism and Conflict with Guest Renee Swope

Episode #02: Using Your Story To Connect (without Your Audience Feeling Sorry for You)

Podcast Episode #01: Introduction to Communicator Academy