The Question of Comfort

Could the answer to one simple question reveal significant insight into your current relationships? According to Milan & Kay Yerkovich, the answer is a big fat YES. In 2009 this blog focused a lot on how we can use our influence for maximum impact. This remains an important theme to me, and you’ll still see […]

Who Are You Trying To Be?

Seth Godin posted an article titled “The Next Google” on Saturday. It’s a ho-hum article, aside from one line which hooked me: “Don’t try to be the ‘next.’ Instead, try to be the other, the changer, the new.” Every time a good speaker or writer or performer or business leader comes along, a thousand someone […]

Caden’s Story

Central Christian Church in Las Vegas started a series Sunday titled “Torn”, a study of the book of Job. This video helped kick it all off. In it you’ll meet my brother Chris (on staff at Central) and my sister-in-law Kim, and you’ll hear the story of our Caden. Watch the video. It says it […]

When Relationships Go South

Ever been surprised in relationship? It’s pure sweetness. When an unexpected friendship shows up, one I didn’t anticipate or solicit, it’s like Christmas in June. But sometimes the surprise isn’t so sweet. Sometimes a relationship doesn’t turn out like I expected or goes south without explanation. I hate it when that happens. I’m prone to […]