About That Whole Blogging Thing …

I took one look at my calendar and realized: It’s time for another short hiatus from blog drafting and posting. You know how much I love hanging out with you, but the next couple weeks already look consuming. Between taping a radio interview, speaking at a writers conference, teaching my local writers group, taking a […]

My Web Addiction

The Blog Herald posted this on Thursday. As I read, I lowered my derriere in a hard metal chair, feeling conspicuous in the circle of fellow addicts. Hi, my name is Michele. I’m addicted to the internet. I’ve been pulled in 100%. Like a high, I can’t get enough of all the potential for experience, […]

Blog Updates

Ten years ago I never dreamed I’d be connecting with people as a writer and speaker. I’m loving it! Thanks to you for being a part of it. That being said, the past two months have been crazy! Conferences, projects, deadlines, and more travel than I normally like to do. It’s all good, but I’m […]

Blog Traffic

I was wrong. I used to believe website/blog design took the cake in matters of marketing significance. Not anymore. Important? Yes. But in a second-tier kind of way. After the past few months checking out different blogs with notable traffic, I discovered some of the busiest to be the most bland. No flair. Boring color […]

From An Anti-Blogger

I’m not a fan of blogs. Contradictory coming from someone who is in the process of writing a post for one. It all goes back to first impressions, most of which were NOT good and left me believing many are nothing more than ONE: a thinly veiled attempt at self-promotion, or TWO: an irrelevant play-by-play […]