Book Review: The Life Ready Woman by Shanti Feldhahn & Robert Lewis

I took a nap today. And felt guilty about it the entire 45 minutes. I’ve had a big week. A conference, business meetings, writing deadlines, as well as a special birthday for my youngest son. Throw in Valentines Day, a speaking engagement, the fact that my husband is finishing our basement, and our middle son’s […]

Book Review: Plan B, by Pete Wilson

I was twenty-one years old when my well-orchestrated Plan A fell apart. Since then I’ve been living (often reluctantly) in a Plan B, an alternative I fought against and then spent too many years resenting. That’s why the title of Pete Wilson’s new book intrigued me from first glimpse: Plan B: What do you do […]

Leaning In

Reading is one of my great loves. And, as a writer, I consider it a critical piece of my ongoing training. Often I choose an author I’d like to learn from. Then, over the course of weeks or months, I read as much of his work as I can, absorbing the nuances of style, his […]