For Those Who Wonder If They’re Enough {VIDEO + FREE Invitation}

Do you ever struggle with feeling good about yourself? Come on now. Tell the truth. No need to appear more confident than you really are. Maybe the source of your dissatisfaction is your appearance or a hard relationship. Or perhaps a struggling career or dwindling dream. Regardless of the source, your dissatisfaction leaves you feeling […]

Book Review: The Life Ready Woman by Shanti Feldhahn & Robert Lewis

I took a nap today. And felt guilty about it the entire 45 minutes. I’ve had a big week. A conference, business meetings, writing deadlines, as well as a special birthday for my youngest son. Throw in Valentines Day, a speaking engagement, the fact that my husband is finishing our basement, and our middle son’s […]

Book Review: Plan B, by Pete Wilson

I was twenty-one years old when my well-orchestrated Plan A fell apart. Since then I’ve been living (often reluctantly) in a Plan B, an alternative I fought against and then spent too many years resenting. That’s why the title of Pete Wilson’s new book intrigued me from first glimpse: Plan B: What do you do […]