Conflict: The Exit of Anne

Over the past two weeks I’ve read several different articles and responses to author Anne Rice’s recent Facebook declaration regarding Christianity. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can catch up here (and you might want to pull yourself out from under that rock. Only kidding.). The topic of Anne’s decision has […]

Sunday Morning Controversy

I didn’t expect my Sunday morning tweet to be controversial: “So, should I visit a new church or take my Bible and a notebook to Daniel’s Park?” The responses I received included everything from concern (“What’s wrong?”) to scriptural exhortations to go to church, the most common of which was Hebrews 10:25. This upset me. […]


I typically avoid late night blog posts or poignant memos (A-hem: Jerry Maguire). Can’t help myself tonight. Today’s conversation at re:create (which actually began two days ago and continued right on through tonight) left me with thoughts which require spilling. I’ll start with a confession: I’m achingly disappointed in church. Have been for quite a […]

Should the Church Be More Like a Gang?

If you’ve ever felt CHURCH hasn’t lived up to all the hype, check THIS out. You’re not alone. I read this Catalyst article (by Francis Chan) Thursday, and have been stewing on it since. Late afternoon I spent some time with a friend and we stewed together, out loud. Not a negative, complaining conversation, but […]

Church On a Pickle Bucket

Sometimes within poverty, there is poverty. Even amongst those who have little, there are those who have nothing. We spent this afternoon with one of the poorest of the poor. Jordan and his wife have one five-year-old daughter and live in a shack only slightly bigger than a queen-sized bed. Their friend and neighbor, Johannes, […]