Conflict: The Gloves Are Off

“Anger is a secondary emotion.” I said this to one of my boys the other day, and he looked at me like I was nuts. Maybe, or maybe my timing was off. He was, after all, rather angry. Still, I didn’t know this until the past few years. If only I’d known 20 years ago! […]

Me and My Dirty Mouth

In keeping with this week’s theme, here’s a glimpse of one of my less glorious moments. A Sunday morning exchange in the church foyer with a fellow churchgoer: *** Me: “Hey! How are you?” (squeals and hugs exchanged) Her: “Hi! I’m good! It’s been a busy week. The kids are out of school so we […]

Ten Tips to a Great Interview

Recently I eavesdropped on a line of people interviewing for a job at a local bookstore establishment. The first in line had the fresh ear of the interviewer and the greatest opportunity to make a good first impression. Alas, he did not. He showed up in jeans, apologized for being late (the first thing out […]