Courageous Relationships

“I quit!” Those words spew from my lips at least 2 or 3 times while stomping through my house like a rhino on a rampage. (Warning: Honest revelation forthcoming) Sometimes people wear me out. I love people, I thrive in relationship. But occasionally friendship seems more trouble than it’s worth. On this particular day I’d […]

Conflict: The Art of Fighting Fair

As the grand finale of my recent series on conflict, I’ve compiled hours of reading and research into this one post. Maybe you’re like me–dealing with difficult relationship situations seems almost unnatural and beyond figuring out. The more I’ve read and studied recently, the more I realize we are not alone! Conflict resolution doesn’t come […]

Conflict: Watch Out for the Goat Heads

“Watch out for the goat heads just past County Line Road!” The frantic woman called out her warning as we passed each other on our respective bikes. Goat heads? Did I unknowingly enter a neighborhood known for late night chants and bloody rituals? I’m in the middle of bland suburbia. Surely not … “What did […]

Conflict: The Exit of Anne

Over the past two weeks I’ve read several different articles and responses to author Anne Rice’s recent Facebook declaration regarding Christianity. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you can catch up here (and you might want to pull yourself out from under that rock. Only kidding.). The topic of Anne’s decision has […]