Slaying the Mountain

A little over a year ago, a dangerous snowboarding accident ended Laura’s season just as it began. With at least eleven broken bones in her back, her recovery progressed at an agonizing pace. We recorded her improvement over the course of weeks and months rather than days. Honestly, at times I wondered if she’d ever […]

Haiti Journal: Pushing Past the Can’t

What’s your pain threshold? I’ve been told I’m pretty tough … for a girl. I can work physically hard (I’ve landscaped, drywalled, remodeled, etc.), can rough it without a shower or hairbrush for days in the middle of the Colorado wilderness, will eat just about anything (and I’ve eaten some weird stuff, peeps), and can […]

The Squeeze

Life is a dirty business. The phrase “blood, sweat and tears” hasn’t been relegated to cliche status for no reason. It’s overused, frankly, because we’ve discovered it to be all too true. Think of it like a pile of oranges on your kitchen counter. You have a thirst for a glass of freshly-squeezed, and so […]