When God Asks the Impossible

One month ago, our family nearly doubled in size. Yes. I know. If life were a math problem, mine would look like this: Mom + Dad + 3 Teenage Boys + Twin 4 Year Olds + 5 Year Old = Impossible I’ve hinted at it here and there on Twitter and Facebook, little references most […]

Hearts At Home National Conference

Because Kids Don’t Come With Instructions… Moms need a place where they can find answers! I invite you to join me for this life-changing weekend that promises to leave moms feeling refreshed and equipped to handle all seasons of motherhood. Mom Revolution, the 2011 Hearts at Home National Conference, is coming to the Bone Student […]


Being a mom is like being a 24/7 bodyguard. From the moment I became a mother, I’ve been charged with protecting my children. I removed all objects from the crib. Put them to sleep on their back instead of their stomach. I boiled bottles and scheduled immunizations. Safety latches were installed on kitchen cabinets and […]


Right now my son sits in his final day of high school. He will leave at 2:30, never to return as a student. I sound like a drama queen, I know. But this is what consumes my thoughts. I’m surprised how sad I am. I should be celebrating, right? Yes. And no. My counselor friend […]

After a Lifetime of Mothering

I spent the first 20+ years of my life dreaming of being a mother. And when I tried to imagine it in all of its glory, I pictured things like: Christmas morning Bedtime tuck-ins Rocking chair lullabies Soccer games Disneyland Tickle fights Halloween costumes Birthday parties Cuddling School science projects Sesame Street Sleepy songs Snowball […]