Courageous Relationships

“I quit!” Those words spew from my lips at least 2 or 3 times while stomping through my house like a rhino on a rampage. (Warning: Honest revelation forthcoming) Sometimes people wear me out. I love people, I thrive in relationship. But occasionally friendship seems more trouble than it’s worth. On this particular day I’d […]

New Friends and a New Website

First things first: WELCOME to all my new Hearts At Home friends! How I loved meeting you this weekend. You filled my heart to overflowing. Thank you for those who introduced themselves. To the many others I didn’t get to meet, I hope we can connect here or on Facebook. Seldom have I enjoyed hanging […]

The Question of Comfort

Could the answer to one simple question reveal significant insight into your current relationships? According to Milan & Kay Yerkovich, the answer is a big fat YES. In 2009 this blog focused a lot on how we can use our influence for maximum impact. This remains an important theme to me, and you’ll still see […]

Who Are You Cheering For?

I ran the Bolder Boulder on Monday for the fourth time. If you live in Colorado and don’t know about the Bolder Boulder, you must live in a hole. It’s the biggest and baddest 10K in the US. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 people run/jog/walk in this race which ends in Folsom Field Stadium […]

Personality Profile

Yesterday I took the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II and the DiSC Classic. To me this was about as fun as going to the dentist. It may be good for me but I’m not thrilled about having someone dig around inside. It took less than an hour, followed by 45 minutes of hashing through the results […]