Friday Funnies

Friend and fellow writer, Megan DiMaria, shared this oh-so-fitting cartoon with our WFTJ writers group on Tuesday night. Hilarious. And painful. Only writers will understand why. The sad truth is we might be able to scrap a living if only we could use puppies in our marketing campaign! Have a great weekend!


It appears I frightened some of you with my Takin’ the Gloves Off post yesterday. A few of you (names withheld) went so far as to sit on the opposite side of the room from me this morning when I spoke to our local writer’s group. Worried that any misstep might result in a lowering […]

What Not To Tweet

In the spirit of “What Not To Wear”, a TV show aimed to help the fashion challenged identify appropriate attire for their wardrobe, I give you “What Not To Tweet.” There was a time I believed, however naively, that 140 characters too small of a number to get into trouble. I have since come to […]

Daily Dose of Life: When All Else Fails, Hang Up

(as posted at, October 5, 2008) Self-control took on new meaning today. For anyone who’s ever spent a good chunk of their day on the phone with the phone company, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Perhaps I should be grateful they are affording me opportunity to hone my self-control skills. However, it […]