The Great Unknown

The first step into Risk is the toughest to take. A close second is every step that follows. This past week at the Professional Communicators Summit, in a room packed with possibilities, a few people dared to take that first step. Dreaming and risking draped the room like art. And it was beautiful. For three […]

Lamp Stands and Platforms

The first time I heard the word “platform,” I was repulsed. Seemed like shameless marketing. And I didn’t want my faith to be cheapened by turning my “calling” into some kind of manipulated gimmick. But then I remembered this: You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can […]

Like, Communication 101, For Sure

Sometimes a post speaks for itself. This one speaks on speaking, and I don’t need to say a word. It’s CLEAR, FOCUSED, and POWERFUL. Three keys to great communication. If you care at all about what kind of impact you’re having through your communication, check out Ken Davis blog post, “Like, you know, I don’t […]

Speaking Like a Pro

Barack Obama’s knack for impeccable stage presence and dynamic speaking certainly didn’t hurt him in 2008. Proof that powerful oratory can both propel someone’s platform, as well as downplay (eclipse) any inadequacies. Enter Bert Decker’s Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators of 2008. Okay, so the post is about two weeks old. Archaic in internet […]