The Leadership Summit 2009

THIS is where I spent Thursday and Friday of last week. Not in Chicago, where the Leadership Summit was hosted (I love Chicago). But at a satellite location in the Denver, CO area. I am one of 120,000 people internationally who joined this year’s Leadership Summit, some in person and many more via satellite. And […]

Leading from the Ragged Edges

“Everywhere I go, I meet people, old and young, from all over the world, and they tell me about their lives, their relationships, broken families, their addictions, shame, guilt, failures. You’ll never be able to speak into their souls unless you speak the truth about you own wounds. You need to tell them what our […]

Get Over Yourself

In January, I posted two back-to-back articles birthed of my love of football and admiration of Kurt Warner and his Arizona Cardinals. It all started with Leading From The Bench (Part I) and was followed by Mission or Position (Part II). The topic feels unfinished, probably because the second post ended on negative note. The […]

Mission or Position?

By now you know I’m pulling for the Arizona Cardinals in Sunday’s Super Bowl 43. If you read Leading From The Bench, you know why. Whether we’re talking football or business, securing a win depends in large measure on who’s leading the pack. I’m not a leadership expert by any means, but it seems to […]