$40 and Everyone Wins

Hanging out with students is better than coffee. And chocolate. And YES, I know exactly what I’m saying. Teenagers get a bad rap. Sometimes for good reason, but other times for no reason at all. I happen to be both impressed and inspired by some of the students in my life. And their passion and […]

Make Someone’s Day

He didn’t want to go to school. Not a surprise, since the “I’m done with school” mood usually starts in February and it’s now APRIL, which means the mood has been brewing for a full two months. I’ve tried to cheer him up, pointing out all the great stuff about school (i.e. recess, Thursday pizza […]

The Not-So-Lost Generation

I watched this video again today. It feels like a gut punch every time. To the incredible youth I hang out with, I refuse to believe you are part of a lost generation. I see you doing things differently. And I’m proud of you. Because the truth is … we need you.

A Generous Calm

I asked someone two days ago to tell me his greatest need. Not a grandiose lifelong need, but his greatest real need. Right now. This moment. I didn’t expect his answer: “Calmness.” Being that I’m in his life, I couldn’t help but wonder if I am, on the whole, meeting his need for calm, or […]

An Atheistic Take on Africa’s Greatest Need

On December 27, 2009, via a post at TimesOnline.com, a professed Atheist made a shocking profession: “I truly believe Africa needs God.” His claim caught my attention, to say the least. And his comments haven’t released me since. Check out the entire article here. I found the read both intriguing and refreshing. I admire anyone […]