Heading Back to Haiti

I’m heading back to Haiti. June 2009 our family went on a one-week mission trip to Haiti with New Missions to. Some of you remember because you followed along with my blog, traveling with us via cyberspace. Even though we’d done multiple mission trips before, Haiti did something to us. It made us feel uncomfortable, […]

Heading to Haiti

I leave for Haiti a week from tomorrow. (Holy cow. I have a lot to do.) I mentioned this trip briefly in Tuesday’s post, but now I’m giving you the scoop. Friday, June 5th a group of six including four of my family members, are leaving for a trip with New Missions in Haiti. My […]

Are Short-Term Mission Trips on the Out?

Are short-term mission trips on the out? I don’t know, but I’ve heard some buzz lately implying they’re at least on trial. One group defends short-term mission trips as a vehicle for fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). It provides opportunity for the average person to connect with a bigger world-view, to experience the reality […]

2009 Intentions

New Year’s resolutions are overrated. Sorry for the rain if you’re in the parade, but here’s the deal: if we’re all so resolute about our resolutions, the gym wouldn’t thin out by February. And why January 1? If it is important enough to resolve to do it, shouldn’t the resolution be established before January 1? […]