My Heart is in Haiti

I had a different post scheduled for today, but I scrapped it for another day. Today my heart is consumed with Haiti. Some of you know our family traveled to Haiti in June. You can read about our trip here. Or look at more pictures from our trip posted on my Facebook page. As I […]

Why We Made Haiti a Family Thing

We live in one of the most affluent communities in Colorado. Which means: The houses are huge, million-dollar mansions everywhere you turn. The amenities are generous, including multiple recreation centers, pools, etc. Residents count their toys: boats, RVs, waverunners, SUVs, dirt bikes, etc. 1st graders get iPhones for Christmas. The landscaping is award-worthy. The highschool […]

Bigger Than Me

I mentioned here that there were a few moments when I doubted my decision to take our boys to Haiti, especially the youngest. Would it be too much? Would the physical and emotional challenges push them too far? Would they resent us for spending our family vacation fund for a trip to a third-world country? […]