No More iPhone

I lost a few pounds four weeks ago. Yep, after nearly three years with two cell phones, I downsized to one. Bye-bye iPhone. At first I felt naked. My back pocket was missing it’s close companion. It was so … so … empty. Like sweet friends who moved away, I missed my apps. After all, […]

$40 and Everyone Wins

Hanging out with students is better than coffee. And chocolate. And YES, I know exactly what I’m saying. Teenagers get a bad rap. Sometimes for good reason, but other times for no reason at all. I happen to be both impressed and inspired by some of the students in my life. And their passion and […]

Carried To The Table

Yesterday I wrote about 2 Samuel 9, the story of a broken man sitting at a king’s table. I also included a link to the song “Carried To The Table” by Leeland, and updated the video feed with a You Tube recording of the song. I relate more than I can say. I bet a […]

Lasting First Impressions

How do people remember their time with you? I flew to Indianapolis this weekend. A short trip, only a couple nights for a taping of two of Ken’s shows. The shows were top notch, and the time with our team, the volunteers and the audience even better. But that has absolutely nothing to do with […]