Who Will Fill Your Empty?

Four days filled me up to overflowing. I thought I would burst from the happiness of it. We do this once a year, these friends of mine and I. We find a place to gather, block off time (which is often far more difficult than it should be), buy plane tickets, secure babysitters, and fly from […]

No More iPhone

I lost a few pounds four weeks ago. Yep, after nearly three years with two cell phones, I downsized to one. Bye-bye iPhone. At first I felt naked. My back pocket was missing it’s close companion. It was so … so … empty. Like sweet friends who moved away, I missed my apps. After all, […]

$40 and Everyone Wins

Hanging out with students is better than coffee. And chocolate. And YES, I know exactly what I’m saying. Teenagers get a bad rap. Sometimes for good reason, but other times for no reason at all. I happen to be both impressed and inspired by some of the students in my life. And their passion and […]

Carried To The Table

Yesterday I wrote about 2 Samuel 9, the story of a broken man sitting at a king’s table. I also included a link to the song “Carried To The Table” by Leeland, and updated the video feed with a You Tube recording of the song. I relate more than I can say. I bet a […]