When God Asks the Impossible

One month ago, our family nearly doubled in size. Yes. I know. If life were a math problem, mine would look like this: Mom + Dad + 3 Teenage Boys + Twin 4 Year Olds + 5 Year Old = Impossible I’ve hinted at it here and there on Twitter and Facebook, little references most […]

40 Days to 40 Years

Today I’m precisely 40 days away from my 40th birthday. I love it. For decades I’ve listened to people mourn the coming (and passing) of their 40th. Now that it’s upon me, I find all that strange. To be 40 sounds wonderful to me. I’m excited. Looking forward to it, actually. In the past year […]

Courageous Relationships

“I quit!” Those words spew from my lips at least 2 or 3 times while stomping through my house like a rhino on a rampage. (Warning: Honest revelation forthcoming) Sometimes people wear me out. I love people, I thrive in relationship. But occasionally friendship seems more trouble than it’s worth. On this particular day I’d […]


By the time you read this, I’ll be sitting in a warm, tropical place with the love of my life. Ocean waves. Fruity drinks. Warm, salty air. A huge stack of books. And Troy. Not that I’m excited about this trip or anything. As I write and schedule this post, I still sit in my […]

New Friends and a New Website

First things first: WELCOME to all my new Hearts At Home friends! How I loved meeting you this weekend. You filled my heart to overflowing. Thank you for those who introduced themselves. To the many others I didn’t get to meet, I hope we can connect here or on Facebook. Seldom have I enjoyed hanging […]