DCW Recap

Last night I returned from another incredible week at DCW (Dynamic Communicators Workshops, for those who aren’t familiar with my world). Incredible training, amazing staff, hungry students ready to learn and apply. Though the days are long and intense, I always come home simultaneously depleted and full. This week was no exception. My leader and […]

Too Close To Home

Check out this Associated Press article, posted online at 9news.com and which originally appeared in Denver’s Rocky Mountain News on Sunday, August 10, 2008. Chronicling the lives of children roped into child labor to mine for gold (some not more than four years old), this article exposes an injustice for which we all need to […]

This Moment

It’s impossible. Trust me–I’ve tried. How can I possibly pen words to describe the mental chaos as we leave our new friends and family in Africa? Watching the African landscape gradually fade into the distance through small rectangular airplane windows carries with it a definite measure of sadness. The people and the country got under […]

Lions, Tigers, and …Wildebeast, Oh My

We spent today (Saturday) at the Moreson Lion Park, approximately 1 1/2 hours from the Thrive Base. Before I get into all that, the reason we didn’t do ministry today is because of the number of funerals in Intabazwe on Saturdays. Few families are home, and pastors are busy officiating.  According to Thrive’s most recent […]

Psalm 103

I met Masee today. She is articulate, intelligent and stunningly beautiful, with creamy warm skin and perfect white teeth. Her home is built with tin and decorated with the delicate hands of an artist, the outside painted in an assortment of dainty patterns. The “windows” are covered with scraps of lace, serving as simple curtains. […]